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AMS Enterprise is a powerful program that includes everything you may ever need for managing e-mail
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28 August 2006

Editor's review

If you are into email marketing and need to send mails to a large number of recipients then AMS Enterprise is a must for you. It will help you to create a mailing list, help you to compose personalized or proposal messages, send out personalized messages faster and finally help you evaluate instantly. It gives you an analysis of how effective your advertising campaign was. This program has automatic subscribing or unsubscribing from the user’s mailing list, a message editor which supports tables, hyperlinks, images, etc, supports all message types and encodings. It also has support for composing personalized messages, information about message readings and how many links in the message were clicked, high speed and multi threaded message delivery. It has the mail scheduler which runs your mail campaigns according to a schedule, has the feature which allows the user to run more than one email campaign simultaneously, has the capability to import addresses from the user’s outlook express address book, from text and .CSV files, etc and it has a list manager and much more. So, email advertising is more effective if you have this program.

Publisher's description

AMS Enterprise is more than just a mass mailer - it's a powerful tool for targeted e-mail marketing. The program allows you to organize and fully automate all mailing list management tasks. Beginning with the creation and processing of 100% legitimate recipient lists, the program will guide you through composing highly personalized commercial messages, the e-mail distribution process, and an analysis of the advertisement campaign efficiency.
The program's basic functionality includes:
* Automatic subscribing to and unsubscribing from your mailing lists
* Powerful WYSIWYG HTML message editor that supports tables, images, hyperlinks, etc.
* All message types (HTML, TEXT, HTML+TEXT) support
* All message encodings support
* Powerful MailMerge support for creating highly personalized messages
* Real-time statistics on message readings and clicks through the links provided in the
* Multi-threaded message delivery - up to 500 threads per each mail-out
* High message delivery speed - up to 250,000 messages per hour
* Run multiple e-mailing campaigns simultaneously
* Mailing scheduler will let you start mailing campaigns by schedule
* Support for all available mailing modes (TO/CC/BCC/Personal Copy)
* Built-in SMTP server will let you send e-mail messages to the recipient's box bypassing the
provider's SMTP server.
* Importing address lists from text and .CSV files, Outlook address book, and many other
sources (Access, Excel, MySQL, etc.) using ADO/ODBC
* Most powerful address list manager with multiple functions for processing the lists:
comparing, merging, splitting lists, removing duplicates, record search by any field including
carrying out user's SQL queries.
* And much more.
AMS Enterprise
AMS Enterprise
Version 2.6
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